Employment Opportunities

We have many employment opportunities available for those who see themselves as a Caring Angel

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Becoming a Caring Angels inc Employee

Now Hiring! Motivated, Outgoing, and Goal Driven Employees

Caring Angels inc, requires employees with experience in Marketing, Social Media Management, Public Relations, IT Infrastructure and Design, and Clerical. 

Becoming a part of the Caring Angels inc. workforce, you will be expected to engage in all of the following for our Non-Profit Organization: 

  • Generate and Create Engaging Web Content

  • Create and Implement Marketing Strategies 

  • Create Community Events

  • Work Predominantly in a Group Setting

We are looking for experienced individuals, having a degree in any of these fields is not required, but it does look excellent. 

  • Marketing 

  • Business Management 

  • Computer Information Systems

  • Public Relations

  • Political Science 

We also have volunteer positions available for individuals who are trying to gain experience in this field.